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Ever wanted a four-point harness in your Esprit? Well so do we. But the expense and work needed to fit one to an Esprit makes it only possible for the extreme Esprit modders. LEW now brings you a device that's the closest you'll get to a four-point harness without the hassle.

See guide here for installation details and more information on this product.Used & Recommend by Lotus Esprit World

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£38.25 in the UK
Incl VAT, postage & packaging

Call us and order direct on 0161 832 3786

  Just to let you know that the USED CAR ROADSHOW is featuring the CG-Lock in the new series (starts 29th May on Men & Motors channel). Jason & Penny (ex Rally Champion) LOVED the CG-Lock! (

Also, look out for next saturdays Daily Telegraph...they've asked to do a feature on the CG-Lock.

Finally, please see another fantastic independent review at

More people are realising that "for drivers not wearing a harness, the CG-Lock is a MUST-HAVE" (Anthony Dunn, Professional ARDS performance driving Instructor)

...we hope to hear from you soon!

Kind Regards
Graham Cox
CG-Lock Team

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