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Prices from 01.07.2010 (last increase was 13.02.2006)
for a 4-8 Colour 'picture book' and a maximum of 80 words
for a Colour picture and a maximum of 80 words
for No picture and a maximum of 20 words
for amendments to your Ad (Sold sign is free of course) (increased 50p 01.07.2010)

Please note, that due to a few customers not informing us of when their Esprit is SOLD, adverts over a year old will be removed unless the advertiser contacts us before this time. If the car is still for sale, then the advert will remain. If it's removed and the advertiser still wants to sell the Esprit, then they'll be a £5 republish fee, so make sure you tell us before the years up.
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