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Club Lotus (2007)
50 Years in the Fast Lane

For 50 years, Club Lotus has been the premier Independent organisation for Lotus car owners – offering a wide range of benefits to its members.

To mark its 50th anniversary, we look back at the roots of the Club and along the way visit the original factory where Lotus cars were first produced.

Through rare archive film footage, we witness Lotus cars being raced on tracks in the 1950’s and 60’s.
We celebrate the career of Jim Clark, the legendary Team Lotus Racing Driver – and hear first hand exactly what it was like to work alongside a racing icon, from Mechanic Bob Dance.

Clive Chapman gives us a personal insight into the running of Classic Team Lotus and what it was like growing up with Lotus all around him.

We visit several modern day Club Lotus events – Donington, Goodwood & Castle Combe Track Days – and meet several owners who tell their own fascinating stories.

In Club Lotus’ 50th Year, Group Lotus chose to release a brand new car – the Europa S – which we proudly feature.

In this same year, Mike Kimberley returned to the helm of Group Lotus as CEO – and speaks frankly to us of his plans for the future.

Above all, there are Lotus cars, cars, cars – on the track and on the road.

So, fasten your seatbelt, turn the key in the ignition, and hang on for a packed programme of Lotus entertainment.

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United Kingdom

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the new DVD which I purchased at Donnington today. 500 mile round trip for me and first thing to do on the list of priorities when I arrived home was to watch it. I can only imagine how much time goes into making a 2 hour DVD but however long it took - it was well worth it - Many thanks. (even spotted my car going round a very wet Castle Combe last year)

I'm the big chap who tapped you on the shoulder when you were at the LEF stall this afternoon and said I'd just bought it.
Seem to be accumulating a nice collection of your DVD's - all excellant viewing time and again.

I don't know what your next project will be, but keep doing them - so many of us Lotus enthusiasts really enjoy them.

Ian May

Just had a chance to sit and watch your DVD bought at Donington on Saturday. It's very impressive, and I obviously really liked the feature on my Essex Elite. The road shots work very well, and I liked the internal shot that you put in the introduction. The whole DVD is very watchable, and the interview with Mike Kimberley was particularly good. Well done!

When we were filming my Elite last summer, I forgot to take some still photos of the car with cameras on board, but you reckoned you might be able to do some screen grabs for me. Particularly when we had the camera on the offside rear flank looking forward as we drove through the village. That clip looked good when we previewed it on your tv at home, but I guess it wasn't good enough for the DVD? Any unused clips that you are willing to let me have for my own use only would be much appreciated.

Leigh Greenham

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