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Smart Glow Fuses
Allows for easy identification of blown fuses via an integrated light emitting device on top of fuse that glows when the fuse blows. 14 piece assortments service the entire vehicle "When It Blows It Glows"! Glow fuses can work in a effective way when it comes to maintaining your vehicle, you can now route out the electrical problem, rather than going to the local garage and being charged for a simple fuse change. Colour coded by amperage, you'll be able to locate the blown fuse and know the amps immediately. No guesswork. No testing. Ideal for troublesome circuits where fuses often blow. Built to OEM specs,fuse simply snap into place without the need for tools.
5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 amps. Why do it the hard way?

Esprit kit now available with 32 fuses. See LEW install guide here.
put “REQUEST FOR ESPRIT” if ordering

Third-Party Seller

Price: £19.95 plus p&p


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