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LotusBits Gearlinkage Kits (read update) No Longer Available
Our kit provides specially ordered, UK made stainless steel rod ends for the cable ends and the translator tie rod. These 4 rod ends are corrosion resistant and are massively superior in quality, durability and function to alternatives being offered by some other Lotus parts suppliers. The kit also includes 2 replacement translator bearings featuring double water seals to help keep the dirt out. Finally the kit includes stainless steel A2 rated nylock nuts and locking nuts to fix the new rod ends in place on the translator body, cable ends and on the tie rod. See guide here.

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This product is unfortunatley no longer available.

January 2007
There are now 2 kits to choose from offering a choice of ‘standard grade’ or ‘superior’. Both kits are still aimed at improving the feel and precision of the notoriously poor gear shift on Stephens cars as they age. This is achieved by removing the free play and drag associated with worn rod ends and translator bearings in the gearshift mechanism at the gearbox end. The earlier cars also suffer from further drag caused by the gearbox cross shaft support bearing. This too is addressed by an optional upgrade that is only appropriate for pre’93 cars. Note, cars from about ’96 onwards had revised tie rod link design and used different sized joints (’98 on where different again). We expect to be able to offer a kit to suit these cars later in 2007.

ESPRITism ‘Standard’ Gear shift quality improvement kit.
The standard grade kit features 4 high grade chromate plated steel rod ends of a specification very similar to the Lotus original parts. These replace the rod ends on the gear shift cables and the tie link. 2 high quality ball bearing assemblies, with double rubber seals, are included to replace the 2 bearings in the translator assembly. The kit is finished off by replacement stainless steel fixing nuts for the rod ends and tie rod and a stainless steel large dia washer to fit on the bottom of the translator body to prevent much of the spray and dirt finding its way to the lower translator bearing.

ESPRITism ‘Standard’ Gear shift quality improvement kit.
£ 59 inc UK postage. (Club LEW £56)
• 4 off chromate plated steel, UK made high quality studded rod ends
• 2 off Double sealed bearing assemblies.
• 5 Lock nuts (one is a spare), all stainless steel.
• 5 Nylock nuts (one is a spare), all stainless steel.
• 1 Translator shaft nut (stainless steel).
• 1 Large diameter washer (stainless steel).

ESPRITism ‘Superior’ Gear shift quality improvement kit
The superior kits takes the upgrade one stage further. In this kit the 4 rod ends are made FULLY in stainless steel. That is the body, the bearing AND the stud, all from corrosion resistant stainless steel. These parts are uniquely made for ESPRITism here in the UK. The translator bearings also receive an upgrade and these too are made with stainless steel race bearings and cage. A stainless steel replacement tie rod is included (just in case the original is too corroded to allow easy re-use). The kit is topped off by a full set of stainless steel fixings as per the standard kit. The benefits added by use of stainless steel for all elements are unequalled durability, strength and reliability. ESPRITism are the only supplier to offer a fully stainless option.

ESPRITism ‘Superior’ Gear shift quality improvement kit.
£ 95 inc UK postage. (Club LEW £91)
• 4 Off fully stainless steel, UK made high quality studded rod ends.
• 2 off Double sealed, fully stainless steel bearing assemblies.
• Replacement tie rod (stainless steel).
• 5 Lock nuts (one is a spare), all stainless steel.
• 5 Nylock nuts (one is a spare), all stainless steel.
• 1 Translator shaft nut (stainless steel).
• 1 Large diameter washer (stainless steel).

Kits for 96 to 98 Esprits
Esprit’s with the revised gear shift arrangement fitted from 1996 to ‘98 have slightly different rod ends installed on the tie rod assembly (tie rod is not used at all after ’98). At the moment do not stock this type of rod end. However, our rod ends are still appropriate as replacements for the shift cable terminations and the bearings we provide are still correct for the translator assembly.

We can therefore provide the following partial kits for Esprits from ’96 to 98

Standard Kit (96-98)
£ 35 including UK postage (Club LEW £33)

Stainless steel Kit (96-98)
£64 including UK postage (Club LEW £61)

The contents are the same other than the tie rod is deleted as are 2x rod ends and the associated fixings.



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