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4-Cylinder Dump Valves

4-cylinder Dump Valve
The system has been successfully fitted to 4 Lotus Esprit models, the 2.2 litre Chargecooled Esprit SE, S4 and S4s and the 2.0 litre Chargecooled GT3 (including LEW's Esprit).The unit is a piston type valve open not re-sirc type, which mean the pressurised air is release making a SWOOSH sound and not recirculated.

Fitting takes about 45 mins. A 13mm spanner, a screw driver and some snips are needed for assembly. Full instructions are included with help and advices available via email.

The Esprit will pull better up through the gears with reduced turbo lag.The turbo will also spin up quicker when back on the throttle as it will now keep spinning. This kit will also protect your turbo from wear, by releasing pressure which would normally stall the turbo causing increase wear and tear.

Read more here. See install guide here.

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