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Replacement Main Beams
As some owners may know (and LEW are included it that), when you need to replace your headlamp (which corrode), you can get a non-lotus side lamp for £36, but the full beam lamps are 'Lotus Only' at about £80 each! Added to the fitting bolts and clips you are looking at £100 a lamp.
Lotus Performance have now come up with a replacement lamp which include lamp & adjusters. It uses "Laser Cut" Stainless adapter plates & stainless nuts & bolts. LEW has seen the kit and has had reports from an owner who has fitted this kit. It's been well design and works perfectly (actually better than the Lotus' 25 year old design). Lotus Performance are now looking at doing a version for the side light as well!

Third-Party Seller

£55 per side plus p&p


Please call or email to order

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