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Lotus Esprit 'Le grand tourisme à l'anglaise'
Please note this book is in French language

Les Presses Littéraires and Rémy Solnon are proud to announce to you the publication of the book Lotus ESPRIT, le grand tourisme à l’anglaise, a complete history of the stunning Britain’s mid-engined sportscar created by Lotus Cars, the British manufacturer of sports and racing cars founded in 1952 by the genius Colin Chapman

Conceived and designed by the Italian designer Giorgio Giugiaro to replace the Europa, the Esprit was unveiled as a concept car at the Turin motor show in 1972 and was produced during 28 years - an exceptional longevity for a supercar - from 1976 to 2004.

As the spearhead of Lotus Cars, the Esprit had a great impact in the story of British automotive world and prestige cars. The secret ? An incredible and futuristic style with an innovative technical design coming from the Lotus Formula 1, a British pure tradition of comfort and a touch of class.

From the incredible submarine Type 79 Esprit S1 in The spy who loves me to the 1990 Esprit Turbo SE in Basic Instinct and Pretty Woman, the Esprit became a famous movie car in the World. Racing Esprit - in BPR and BRDC GT championships with the Type 114 Esprit V8 GT1 and in SCCA and IMSA american championships with the Type 105 & 106 Esprit X180-R – reflected perfectly the heritage of the Lotus Grand Prix Team, seven times winner of the Formula 1 world championship.

From the wedge shape style of the Italian designer Giorgio Giugiaro, to the curved shape style of Peter Stevens, from the small Type 907 four cylinders engine to the powerful Type 908 V8, the Esprit upgraded with successive eras conserving its uncompromising character and the original spirit of Colin Chapman.

Every model and limited edition from the first 1976MY Esprit S1 to the last 2004MY Esprit V8 “Final Run edition” is fully detailed in this seriously comprehensive book, with unique racing and convertible versions and rare prototypes. Secrets of its development, building and driving are revealed.

Lotus ESPRIT, le grand tourisme à l’anglaise is a stunning 208 page full color publication contains over 350 pictures, drawings and photographs and is the first book in French related the whole story of this automotive icon. The author is a Lotus cars enthusiast having a true passion for the Esprit. He has tributed to this British timeless sportscar in a book superbly illustrated with exclusive pictures never seen before.

Preface written by Jean Pierre Genoud-Prachex, chairman of the Club Lotus France.

French Blog about the lotus Esprit and this book :


€35 + p&p

There are different ways to order the book : on the website of the publisher Les Presses Littéraires ( or the website of the Fnac ( or in your usual bookshop.

Author : Rémy Solnon
Publisher : Les Presses Littéraires (
Publication date : September 2007
Language : French
Product dimensions : 21 x 29,7 centimeters (11,42 x 8,27 inches)
Illustration : Colour
ISBN : 978-2-35073-144-5
Paperback : 208 pages
Price : €35

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