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These tyres will come from Germany mostly and will take a week for delivery so if the members can please consider this when ordering the tyres. Also we will confirm the order with suppliers and if for any reasons those tyres are not available we will email them within 48 hours to advise availability.

Alternatively, click on the link below and the 3% goes to LEW!

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As an internationally active retailer, Delticom is the market leader in the European online tyre retail market, with more than 70 tyre brands, around 15,000 different tyres and (in some countries only) complete wheels for cars, vans, 4x4s and motorbikes. Alongside the established core tyre business, Delticom is expanding its range of car products to include spare parts for cars, roof racks, garages, motor oil and batteries for both private and business customers. The company is globally active in the B2B sector. Delticom has 47 online shops in 21 European countries in the B2C sector.
The (open) secret of the company’s success is an outstanding price-performance ratio. Customer comparisons in European online retailers show that prices are 25 to 30 percent cheaper at Delticom. Goods are delivered to any address required. When ordering, the customer simply enters the destination, for example, one of our around 5.900 service partners (a number which is constantly increasing) in Europe, which is selected online. Orders can be followed online during the average of three to four days required for delivery using a tracking system. The all-round hassle-free package includes very low prices, simple ordering, informed advice, tyre test results and a 30 day returns policy.
Delticom is one of the major players in e-commerce. The turnover in the 2001 financial year was €22 million. In 2002, the company achieved a turnover of €34 million and in 2003 €50 million. In 2004 the company achieved a turnover of 80 Mio. Euro. In 2005 Delticom is aiming to achieve a turnover of 110 Mio. Euro.

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