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The Official Story (2006)

Lotus Esprit The Official Story is the inside story of Britain’s best loved supercar from it’s development in the early 1970’s right through to the 21st century. That the Esprit ever appeared in the showroom, never mind set a record for British sportscar continuous production from 1976-2004, is a story straight from the Lotus era. How Colin Chapman laboured alongside Italian designer and fellow genius Giorgetto ‘Giorgio’ Giugiaro to bring the first show Esprits to life, is just one of the stories unveiled by Jeremy Walton’s research. 

The Esprit, in all its Lotus Type numbers and derivatives from the very first Type 79 onwards, is revealed in this seriously comprehensive book. A total of under 11,000 Esprits were made in it’s 28 year production span, which means that some models had production numbers of less than 100 and have therefore become extremely collectable. Supremely agile and rapid Esprits such as the Sport 300 and V8 350 are examined in all their 160 to 175 mph glories – along with the race track inspired Esprit Turbo SCCA, X180R and Type 114 Esprit GT1.

As with Walton’s acclaimed Lotus Elise title for Coterie, this conscientious Esprit production was enabled only by the full co-operation of Lotus Cars. Once again they gave frank access to their archives as well as their employees. Lotus Esprit The Official Story contains the reminisces of the loyalists and the youngsters who added to their growing reputations when involved in the concept and design of the Esprit, many who are now famous industry figures following a Lotus apprenticeship.

The author’s trusted participation at every stage in the Esprit’s long life is reflected by the openness of all involved. They tell us the real stories behind the car, leaving us with hope of an innovative new Esprit before too long.

You can read LEW's Review here and also see a few examples of what the inside of the book looks like.

Author: Jeremy Walton
224 pages (March 16, 2006)
Publisher: Coterie Press Ltd
Language: English
ISBN: 190235124X


UK & Europe £34.95 + p&p
(p&p = £4.95 UK, £9.95 Europe)
US& Rest of World $64.95 + p&p
(p&p = $4.95 USA, $19.95 Canada, $POA Rest of World)


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