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This page is for information on making payments to Lotus Esprit World. These payments are now used for all payments to LEW, including orders, calendars, club fees, checklist and donations. There are 4 ways to make a payment. You can post a cheque, do a bank transfer, supply your credit card details (via email, phone or post), or use paypal. Details for all types of payment are listed below.

Please note that all payments made to Lotus Esprit World are used for Esprit related matters. Including the up keep of the site. This website is not a profit making site.

The paypal account is now in UK£, as most payments are from the UK. If you are paying in a foreign currency, please check current exchange rates.

Contacting LEW
By phone
As we are a internet based company, we are not set-up for phone calls and cannot deliver a reliable service. Please email before calling, as we can resond promptly to any enquires.


Make a payment to using paypal

pay via paypal to:

Please add in a note to confirm what your payment is for. Advert, Calendar, Club membership, DVD etc

Sent cheques payable to I.Peters to:

16 Prospect Place
Wapping Wall
London E1W 3TJ
United Kingdom

Please write your name and address on the back of the cheque and add a note of what your payment is for

Bank Transfers

Please email for transfer details

Use your name as reference. Your items will not be sent until the funds reach the LEW account. This can take up to 5 working days.

Once you click the form button (above) you'll have to wait while it loads. Seems like nothing's happening, but wait a few minutes and the pdf will appear. You can then either print it off, or save it somewhere and print it off later. Email us if you have any problems. Free Acrobat Reader software at link below.

Prices from 13.02.2006 (last increase was 04.08.2004)
for a 4-8 Colour 'picture book' and a maximum of 80 words
for a Colour picture and a maximum of 80 words
for No picture and a maximum of 20 words
for amendments to your Ad (Sold sign is free of course) (increased 50p 25.02.2008)

Please note, that due to a few customers not informing us of when their Esprit is SOLD, adverts over a year old will be removed unless the advertiser contacts us before this time. If the car is still for sale, then the advert will remain. If it's removed and the advertiser still wants to sell the Esprit, then they'll be a £5 republish fee, so make sure you tell us before the years up.


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